Why I Started My Business

Why I Started My Business

Welcome to my new website! I'm so excited to be launching this because it is so fun for me to design it all myself. I've been wanting my own website for a while but I was hesitant. 

Here's some background about me and why I made my shop. I have always been a creative person, but only did art and projects for fun. There was one Christmas where I didn't have a lot of money to spend on Christmas presents for my loved ones. I had the idea of making everyone something special because i figured people appreciate handmade things no matter how much they cost to make, because you spent time on it for them. So I started making macrame keychains and gave them as presents. 

Moving onto 2020, I was (kind of am still, just not working) a Polynesian dancer, then the pandemic hit. We obviously all had to go into quarantine and I was beginning to struggle financially. I started getting into my hobbies again, such as macrame, drawing, I started painting, and I even bought an apple pencil and Procreate so I can digitally draw on my Ipad and make prints of my art, but my macrame plant hangers and wall hangings were a big hit when I first started. I was being asked by so many people to make them plant hangers and wall hangings. That is when I realized I could turn my hobby into a business, at least for now, while we had to stay at home. 

So the main thing about my business was selling macrame items. It wasn't until I started seeing sun catchers on Tiktok and came across a comment that was replying to someone saying that you can make it yourself. That comment made me look into making sun catchers and I researched for the best supplies I can find, and I'm still learning. Then once I posted it on my Instagram, people were lining up to buy them from me! It was a little overwhelming. But I made my first batch, and I took videos and made a Tiktok video about it, and that's when my business blew up, and it's been so amazing ever since. 

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting my small business (or maybe it's not so small anymore). I really love seeing all the nice comments on my posts and videos. Even if you can't or don't buy from me but maybe you shared my post, or commented on my Tiktok video, or just like one of my pictures on Instagram, I really appreciate your support! <3 

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